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A Message from Todd’s Inner Critic

By Todd Dude, you’re my number-one homie. I’ma shoot you straight because no one else has the balls to. (Plus, I’m drunk from all that Jim Beam you just guzzled.) Todd, bro, you need to give up this whole (does…

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The Truth About Librarians; or What I’ve Been Reading Lately

I am librarian, hear me Shush! When people first learn that I’m a librarian, they say something like, “I’ve always wanted to be a librarian; I love reading so much!” Libraries and librarians always bring reading to mind.  There is

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Writerly Reads: GMC: Goal, Motivation and Conflict by Debra Dixon – Part 3

This book was one of the suggested texts in an online writing course I took last year. The course was offered through Ed2Go, an online adult and continuing education school, whose courses my library offers free of cost to patrons.

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Haiku Flash Fiction Challenge: Young at Heart

This is a flash fiction challenge to write a story in a haiku. What resulted is not really a story. It is an observation, a comment on something I find myself thinking about more and more as the years pass.

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One Sentence Story Flash Fiction Challenge: Unfinished Symphony

Here is a flash fiction challenge to write a story in a sentence. UNFINISHED SYMPHONY She was vitality – personified – from her laughing eyes to her painted toes, yet as unfinished as the text that began, “on my w…”

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