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Writerly Reads: GMC: Goal, Motivation and Conflict by Debra Dixon – Part 2

This book was one of the suggested texts in an online writing course I took last year. The course was offered through Ed2Go, an online adult and continuing education school, whose courses my library offers free of cost to patrons.

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The Camera – a Drabble

I stand in the camera shop, such a mundane place for the thing I see, and the seeing of it. I found your camera in a box from half a century ago. What a surprise, to find film inside. And,

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Sentinel of Souls – a Drabble

Sentinel of Souls The sun goes down, and I breathe deeply, feeling the stiffness release me by slow degrees from granite to flesh. My awakened eyes seek out the shape and integrity of my charge. Clambering over its stone walls,

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3 Sentence Story Flash Fiction Challenge: Improbability

This is a Chuck Wendig challenge from November 7, 2014. Our assignment, to tell a story in three sentences. This is one we posted directly into the comments at Terrible Minds. I decided to post it here, too. IMPROBABILITY There

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100 Word Drabble Flash Fiction Challenge: Fortune Teller

This week’s challenge from Chuck Wendig is a 100 word drabble – no prompts. As I attempted to write, it morphed completely from one thing to another. The more words I chopped away, the more the story revealed itself. It,

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Random Cocktail Flash Fiction Challenge: Skinny Dipper

This is a 1,000 word flash fiction story in answer to Chuck Wendig’s Random Cocktail Challenge.  I like the characters so much, I’m inspired to give them a longer story, but this is the kernel that holds the story’s essence.

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Tell Me It’s Real by TJ Klune

“Tell Me It’s Real” makes an appearance on my list of favorites because it made me laugh harder than any book ever.  I would caution readers to avoid reading it in public or around anyone you wouldn’t want to share

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Noli Timere Messorem

Do Not Fear the Reaper Sir Terry Pratchett, Wizzard of Words and God of the Discworld Terry Pratchett said his final farewell today. He was a brilliant and beloved satirist whose gentle mockery was a source of smiles and laughter

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E-Readers & Independent Booksellers

I work in a library. When people think of me, they think of reading and books. When people give me gifts, they give me books …and  eReaders. I have a small collection of readers.  My first, and oldest, is a

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Dog of Aclon by Yamila Abraham

When I first began reading m/m romance I also read numerous yaoi. I discovered that there were the graphic novel/manga versions of yaoi and then there were the prose versions. These come from various sources and are in a wide

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