A Message from Todd’s Inner Critic

I love TOdd, despite his inner editor problem.

orange-smiley-face-pvBy Todd

Dude, you’re my number-one homie. I’ma shoot you straight because no one else has the balls to. (Plus, I’m drunk from all that Jim Beam you just guzzled.)

Todd, bro, you need to give up this whole (does finger-quotes)

I’m so cool, I’m so ironic


Trust me, dude, your writing blows. Why should anyone read your words? What’s so special about your words? Bro, you like stoner movies and reality television – what makes you think you’re a writer?

—Wait, is that a tear I see? Don’t cry homie. You know I love you man!

/end Todd’s hopes and dreams.

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For the most part, this blog is about reading and writing m/m romances, but there are a few personal reflections, some writerly information, and a bit of writing practice. Thank you for stopping by.

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