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Curiosity Killed Shaney by JC Wallace – An Unexpected Read

I just finished reading “Curiosity Killed Shaney” by JC Wallace. Wow! An unexpected experience – different from what I typically read. Don’t get me wrong,  it definitely had romance,  but it was also a tale of characters caught in an

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Recent Reading List

I’ve been reading m/m romances for the past two years and really enjoying them. I love complex stories and deeply imagined characters, but I’m partial to novellas and short stories. By default that makes the Christmas/winter holiday season one of

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Hungry for Love by Rick R. Reed

“Hungry for Love” is the story of two guys,  an older sister, a few friends, and a gay dating site where the emphasis is on true romance. It’s about  secrets and  interfering relatives, and about finding happily-ever-after. While “Hungry for

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A Lesson in Deja Vu (Heidi, too)

If you read my blog from 1.5.15, you know that I sometimes purchase books without paying attention to anything surrounding them…things like the author or prequels or sequels. I see a story line I like or some cover art catches

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Sleigh Ride by Heidi Cullinan

Let me get this out of the way, up front….a little note (begging, pretty please, with a cherry on top) to the author… I can’t stand the possibility that Paul will have to wait until next winter for his happily-ever-after.

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The Return of the Minion

This is my Evil Minion. He’s the boss of me when it comes to procrastination. He proved his skills during November when I crossed the 50K finish line for the first time. This should have shown me how much I

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Checking Him Out for the Holidays by Debbie McGowan

I read this book today while home sick.  Raine O’Tierney mentioned that she was reading it, so I got the idea from her. I hadn’t read anything by Debbie previously and was unfamiliar with her books. This one read like

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