NaNoWriMo – 24 – What Dialog IS …and ISN’T

…dialogue should always be a compression and extension of action. Speaking … comes from energy not inertia. …characters talk in fiction because they want to further their own ends.
~~James Scott Bell

dazzling dialogue

Notes from:  Chapter 2 What Dialogue Is …And Isn’t
Dialogue must always have a purpose
What Dialogue Is
– it is a compression and extension of action;
– it comes from energy, not inertia;
– it broadens the scope of action;
– it organizes and extends what people do;
– it intensifies the action

The first secret of dazzling dialogue –-> give every character an agenda
– Put those agendas in opposition
– Be clear on each character’s agenda in each scene.
– Write down what each character in the scene wants.

What Dialogue Isn’t
– It isn’t real life speech – it is stylized speech
– It does not meander
– It is not the information superhighway


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Bell, J. (n.d.). Chapter 2: What Dialogue Is …and Isn’t. In How to write dazzling dialogue: The fastest way to improve any manuscript.

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