Dog of Aclon by Yamila Abraham

dog of aclonWhen I first began reading m/m romance I also read numerous yaoi. I discovered that there were the graphic novel/manga versions of yaoi and then there were the prose versions. These come from various sources and are in a wide variety of genres and subjects. They are also written with varying degrees of skill.  Among the sea of selections, a few stand out. One of my favorite yaoi authors is Yamila Abraham.  Her stories are sci-fi and fantasy – heavy on the erotica – and are usually short story or novella length. Despite the length and focus, her characters are sympathetic and plots imaginative. Dog of Aclon is one of my faves.  It is a very quick read, 135 pages in my Nook ap.

Reen is a young human who has spent most of his life in military academies. He gets along well with his peers and excels in his studies and the scientific research he conducts. In fact, he is making remarkable progress in recent research involving ambient tissue stasis/decay.  People back at Satillion Head Command will be interested in the results.

Basically, Reen’s life is ideal for someone who is forced to live in a military academy, but then two weeks before the story begins, he receives an unwanted roommate – an Aclonian named Fince who is referred to as the Dog of Aclon. He is one of the few male Aclonians remaining after the humans decimated the race and destroyed their planet. What makes this an even more incendiary situation is Reen’s father’s role in the atrocities committed against the Aclonians. Pairing the aggressive Fince with Reen is a recipe for violence and terror.

Two weeks into the daily harassment and abuse, two things happen to push the situation sideways. First, one of Reen’s professors wants him to get a blood sample from the Aclonian. Second, Reen receives a video call where he learns his father is responsible for the “dog” in his room and also brings up the matter of Reen being gay. Following the call, Fince’s behavior takes a baffling change of direction and Reen finds himself faced with all new aggression.

The story is short, but engrossing and not entirely predictable…though we know Fince and Reen are headed toward their HEA at warp speed.




For the most part, this blog is about reading and writing m/m romances, but there are a few personal reflections, some writerly information, and a bit of writing practice. Thank you for stopping by.

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