A Lesson in Deja Vu (Heidi, too)

If you read my blog from 1.5.15, you know that I sometimes purchase books without paying attention to anything surrounding them…things like the author or prequels or sequels. I see a story line I like or some cover art catches my eye (what can I say, I’m shallow; I judge a book by its cover) and I buy the book.  I go in looking for themes more than authors when I’m on certain sorts of book hunts. So, when I picked up “Sleigh Ride” by Heidi Cullinan, I had an arm-flailing-happy-dance moment when I discovered that it was a sequel to one of my favorite books from last winter – “Let it Snow.”  I ~adored~ running across characters I’d fallen in love with last year. There they were, all happy and carrying on in the life I hoped they would have. In all honesty, this is one of the most happy-fun things that can happen to me.  It’s the little things. Really.

fever-pitch love-lessons

After reading Heidi’s two winter books, I went on a Heidi Cullinan book hunt and found a couple of new titles to put on my reader.  So, imagine the staggering happiness when just a day or two later it happened again, and with the same author.   This time I was reading “Fever Pitch.”  It wasn’t long before I began to recognize Walter from  “Love Lessons“.  You’d think I would have caught on quickly, but it really took a bit for me to get it and then I couldn’t believe it was happening again. It’s a special kind of wonderful running into old friends. Walter was as vibrant as ever, but a lot more grounded and caring. He was, in fact, downright nurturing.  His cynical edges smoothed out  by the influence of Kelly and the bliss of their unshakable devotion. He was a rock for Aaron, whose painful and difficult coming out, at times, sends him into almost unreachable emotional depths.

“Fever Pitch” is one of those books I couldn’t get enough of. I loved the journey; the sadness of rejection, the high of overcoming, the despair of abandonment, the achievement of hard-won success, and all the undercurrents of that seductive falling-in-love dance. For me, this was the perfect emotional roller coaster. The conflicts didn’t destroy me, but bit just hard enough to bring tears of both sadness and joy.

This is just the kind of book to read if you are feeling down and need to be lifted up. You’ll get your sads out along with Aaron, then end up blissed out and happy as you turn that last page.  Ahhhhh….

For the most part, this blog is about reading and writing m/m romances, but there are a few personal reflections, some writerly information, and a bit of writing practice. Thank you for stopping by.

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