NaNoWriMo: T –9 Days ~~~~~ Tips From a Workshop

This post needs work, but since it’s on a schedule, and NaNoWriMo is about deadlines, it’s going out as-is for now. It was my idea to do the countdown – and I’m sticking with it.  🙂                        Jen and Lexie 2 Tonight  I attended an informational NaNoWriMo workshop. It was presented by two women who have participated for 11 years. Both have crossed the 50K finish line multiple times and one of them is about to become a published author. Her book – written during a  NaNoWriMo several years ago – is scheduled for release on November 25, 2014.

a NaNoWriMo productThe workshop was informal, informational, and geared toward getting participants off to a successful start. Following are a few thoughts from my notes.

In the weeks prior to NaNo, give some thought to your characters,  plot, and setting, but don’t make it stressful or too detailed. (Both women agreed that some people do fine with detailed planning, but most find that it stilts their efforts.)

Right now is the time to clean your house and get some food prepared ahead and in the freezer. Did you know there are actually downloadable NaNoWriMo cookbooks?

If a little research is needed, go for it now…or you can put it off until later. Research during writing is a sure way to slow yourself down significantly.

Use brackets or some other signal to remind you to add needed names or information later.

Writing away from home, especially in the company of others, really helps – otherwise you may find yourself with a clean house, chores done, bills paid – but nothing on the page.

There are some software programs out there that are designed specifically with writers in mind. Scrivener even partners with NaNoWriMo, offering a full-version month-long trial period and discounts to NaNo participants. Jen loves this one.

Another writing program Lexie mentioned is Evernote. The real advantage of this one is that it saves off device, can be accessed from anywhere and works in many platforms such as PCs and phones. This one is Lexie’s favorite.

Then they brought up the  value of competition and timed writing, because a deadline works better than anything else. Word Wars are for the competitive and Word Sprints are for the more cooperative or solo writers.

They mentioned Write or Die. They commented on one frightening option provided by Dr. Wicked; at some point the Write or Die Machine may begin to erase your words if you aren’t performing up to snuff.

There is a kinder, gentler writing prompter that works using positive reinforcement. It is called Written? Kitten!

If I find further useful notes, I’ll add them.

Dunne, L. (2014). Superheroes Anonymous. New York City: Harper Voyager Impulse.

For the most part, this blog is about reading and writing m/m romances, but there are a few personal reflections, some writerly information, and a bit of writing practice. Thank you for stopping by.

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