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AsYouAreas you are

I thought I’d be writing book reviews more often than I have. Aside from not having loads of time, I read book after book, then don’t remember the details. It’s hard to skim back over an electronic book, so I find myself re-reading them, then forgetting anyway.

Because of that, I was determined to read more closely and take notes as I re-read Ethan Day’s romantic comedy, “As You Are”.  I’ve read it three or four times.  It makes me laugh every time and I wanted to share that, but at some point I became so engrossed in the story, I forgot about taking notes and got lost once more in Julian and Danny’s lives.

As a compromise, here are a couple of quotes from the inimitable Julian.

ON CLOTHING FOR A FIRST DATE:  Julian is a hopeless romantic…well, actually, he is hopeful, but unsuccessful.  The one thing he wants in life is to fall in love AND live happily ever after. He admits, that is two things, but he is greedy. He has fallen for his roommate, Danny,  and spent the past year trying to get a relationship going, to no avail. So, now he is determined to forget about Danny and start dating again. To that end, he has gone shopping and with the assistance of his best friend, Gabby, is going to select something to wear on a first date.

Gabby comments that he already has a walk-in closet and an armoire overflowing with clothes.  To this Julian replies:

‘ “It’s a first date.” I scowled. “I need virgin clothing. I see no reason to wear old clothes that may still have the bad juju from nightmare dates of the past. It might alter the outcome of this one.” ‘  (Chapter 4)

ON CURRENT EVENTS:  Though Gabby is a newspaper journalist, Julian refuses to read the paper.

‘ “Well, sweetie.” I pulled off my pajama bottoms and cringed. “And don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t actually read the newspaper.” ‘

Gabby can’t believe it; she responds:

‘ “I know you read the paper, because you always know what my articles are about.”

“Well, Danny always reads the paper, so I just ask him what your articles are about.”

Her mouth fell open, so I picked up the martini pitcher and refilled her glass. “Gabby, I’m sorry, but it’s so depressing.” I began taking off the suit. “When I read the paper or watch the news, especially in the morning, I’m starting my day off on a negative foot. It’s all murder-serial killer-manslaughter-armed robbery-tragic-car-death stuff.”

“It is not.” Gabby sat up on the bed and crossed her legs.

“Plus,” I continued with a serious expression and reached for the black pin-striped suit, “I wind up getting that ink stuff all over my hands. Then I end up touching my face and walking out the door without noticing it.” I stopped momentarily and looked at Gabby. “Why don’t they do something about that stuff? They can clone a sheep, but they can’t come up with a newspaper that doesn’t get your hands dirty?” ‘ (Chapter 4)

ON DATING:  Just a few minutes later, Danny ribs Julian about Gabby finding out he doesn’t read her articles and they take a few verbal jabs at one another.  The topic shifts to dating and Danny says:

‘ “Hey,” he said with an all-too-serious expression, “if you’re not sore the day after, then what was the point?”

“Um…I don’t know.” I was scratching my head while exhaling out the open window. “Maybe intimacy, spooning, kissing, and cuddling. If you stopped fucking long enough, you might find that all that can be more satisfying than ejaculation. Let’s face it: a little Vaseline in the palm of your hand can accomplish that. Everything else requires another person.” ‘ (Chapter 4)

Despite having a predominantly lighthearted spirit, this book has its share of witty observations. The characters are sweet and likeable, but not above providing many laugh-out-loud moments. Nor are they too silly to inspire sympathetic tears…just poignant enough to make you fall more in love with them and make the HEA even sweeter.

I haven’t done the book justice, so I’ll just say – spend some time with Julian and Danny; you won’t be sorry.


For the most part, this blog is about reading and writing m/m romances, but there are a few personal reflections, some writerly information, and a bit of writing practice. Thank you for stopping by.

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