Jet Mykles Was My First


This is an explicit book. The warning at the beginning says, “This e-book contains sexually explicit language and may be considered offensive to some readers.”

And it was my first M/M romance …  “Heaven” by Jet Mykles. It is one of four tales in the Heaven Sent series. (There are actually 4 more short stories that cover action outside the 4 main books.) It centers around larger-than-life lead singer Johnnie and how he meets his one true love, Tyler, a hotel and night club owner-manager.

This book is a tale of a bi-sexual man who “turns” a “straight” man…a common story line in M/M romances.

The first time Tyler (heretofore straight) sees Johnnie we are told, “Tyler could tell when a man was attractive, and no one – hetero or homosexual – could deny that Johnnie Heaven, lead singer of Heaven Sent, was just plain gorgeous. …Tyler’s mouth watered. Shocked, he wrote off the reaction as normal in the presence of a superstar known for his looks and charm.” (pp 21, 23…in my nook reading app.) and so begins a sensuous description lasting several pages of the way Johnnie holds Tyler enthralled from first sight.

It is a simple thing that draws the two together – a love of video games, in this case Final Fantasy. Their flirtation begins with game play that leads to foreplay and beyond.  By page 57, Johnnie has Tyler a little tipsy, has laid some persuasive psychological groundwork and then leans in for an irresistible kiss.

There are some bumps in the road for Johnnie and Tyler, but Mykles’ characters are by-and-large rational and kind hearted. Most of the struggles are internal – of the man vs himself variety – and in the end, they are well on their way to happily-ever-after.

My reaction to this book:  I loved it!

It was my fist time reading a male/male romance and was also the first time I had read any erotica. So, it had both novelty and hot sex to make it completely enjoyable. In addition, I like that it was a shorter book, making it possible to read it pretty much in one sitting, which added to the focus on characters and plot. It had just enough conflict to keep me interested and turning pages to see where things would go, but not so much that it stirred up any seriously negative vibes.  The focus was all on two men falling in love, overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of their love and indulging in numerous sexual encounters that run the range from blow jobs to inventive anal intercourse. It was a lot of fun watching Johnnie work his magic on Tyler. He had fallen for Tyler and he wasn’t going to let anything – even Tyler’s repeated assertions that he was not gay – prevent him from making the man fall in love with him. It was great experiencing both the intensity of the chase as well as the thrill of being pursued as the story unfolded in alternating points of view.

There was also the curiosity factor. Over the course of the past few months and the MANY of these books I have read, I’ve learned more than I could ever have imagined. Whew! Lovin’ the lovin’!

And Jet Mykles is good at what she does….which is definitely not the case with all of these books. The level of quality is quite varied in the m/m romance genre.  Jet’s writing pulls the reader into the action to experience everything alongside the characters, without word choices, action, or pacing detracting from the story.  The conversations are stimulating and the character interaction is great fun – and the way she presents them feels natural.  This really was a good choice to start with, so my thanks go to WD for recommending it.

For more information on Jet Mykles and her books, see her web site:

For the most part, this blog is about reading and writing m/m romances, but there are a few personal reflections, some writerly information, and a bit of writing practice. Thank you for stopping by.

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